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Zenith Exports is an engineering establishment supplying component parts of engineering machines to various companies in India as well as abroad.

It was in 1965 when Zenith Exports came into existence at a very small scale. Since then it has been progressing and ultimately has achieved its goal of being the best engineering establishment to supply precious component parts of engineering machines of different industries specially of cigarette Industries of India. Presently it has also succeeded in entering the foreign market of engineering and making a good will there too.

We started our business with the sole motto to provide to our clients with best of our cigarette machine spares & rotary die cutters. The quality of product & services have made us totally distinct from others operating in this sphere. The constant encouragement & support of our domestic clients encouraged us to successfully penetrate the international cigarette industries. Our products match with all international standards and today we find a ready market in the developed countries.

Our company is driven by its commitment to quality, which resulted in various quality certifications. We compete vigorous internal assessment to ensure both internal and external quality of our spares and packaging instruments.

We enjoy the service of a team of our highly qualified & skilled professionals. Every member of this team is responsible for the quality work and has the authority to control it.

Quality Policy / Processes

We strictly follow the concept of total quality management and we have ISO 9001:2000 certification for our quality system. Our products are put through IMI, in-process and final strenuous testing procedures in our testing lab well equipped with latest testing equipment.